Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee inspires children!

Author and Illustrator, Bethany Stahl, inspires children with her books, but her newest book, Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee has touched the heart of countless children!

Bethany first got the idea of Caridee, when she fell in love with the chickadees frequenting her home, overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains in Spring 2018. She loved watching the birds and knew one had to be the star of her next book.

Stahl thought back to when she was in school, and could recall children's books that were silly and fun, but wanted to capture the lighthearted quality while telling of accepting your differences, something that bullies tend to find and pick at.

While watching the little chickadees outside her home, she laughed at all their little hops with their tiny legs, and it hit her, what if there was a chickadee with long legs!

The first ideas of Caridee was born with concept paintings...

Stahl even had one of her concepts grace the A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, supporting their fundraising efforts for important social justice issues.

Her vision changed when she was introduced to digital art a few months ago. She was inspired by the vibrant colors she could produce digitally to bring Caridee and her friends to life and captivate children more so than her original idea!

While Stahl started the publishing process, she started sharing the book with the community and received lots of interest, including catching the eye of WVLT News Channel 8 who invited Bethany in for an interview!


After the interview, even more local families started supporting the book and people around the world are excited of the idea that Bethany donates a book for every book purchased! Keep an eye on Bethany's Instagram @bethanystahlart to watch her place her books in Little Free Libraries!

Watch local families interact with Caridee and hear what they think! If you haven't gotten your hands on one of Bethany's books yet, you should! When you order from her website you will receive a hand-signed book! There is even an option to donate a book if you don't have a need for one, but want to support Bethany's efforts!

Bethany will be visiting elementary schools and sharing her book with children soon! Send her a message if you'd like her to visit your classroom!