Goodnight Angels
Goodnight Angels

Goodnight Angels

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Goodnight Angels is written and illustrated by Bethany Stahl. This is her first children's book with a publication date on June 1st, 2018.

Books will be hand-signed by the author/artist, and have FREE shipping!

About the Book:

Goodnight Angels is illustrated with stunning and vibrant watercolor paintings. It tells a heartbreaking story in a beautifully explained story for children that are dealing with the death of a parent. This is a must have for coping parents and children to read together. This book contains twenty-eight pages and is a soft cover book.

About Little Free Library:

Bethany has been donating signed copies of her book to Little Free Libraries around Knoxville. If you'd like you can choose to donate a copy for Bethany to find a Little Free Library and leave it for little ones to enjoy! You will receive a thank you card signed by Bethany with the location where the copy you purchased was left!  EVERY book purchased will donate a copy to a Little Free Library! If you choose YES to donate, that will donate A SECOND copy! Thank you!

Bethany has found people already interacting with her books in less than 24 hours of leaving them, and is pleased to see the libraries were frequented by adults and children while she was visiting each one! These are great for all ages to pass, and access easily on a walk home for school, or an evening walk with the family.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world. Through Little Free Libraries, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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